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Medical Imaging Group provides a turn-key solution for hospitals and physician practices needing MRI services. We have a mobile 1.5 GE Signa LX system that can scan from shore or generator power, providing a flexible solution for scanning location. Our system can currently perform the follow MRI exams:


  • Brain, IAC’s, Pituitary, Orbits, Sinuses
  • MRA Head
  • MRV Head
  • TMJ
  • Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine, Lumbar Spine, Sacral
  • MRA Neck
  • Soft Tissue Neck
  • Right/Left Shoulder, Wrist, Elbow, Hand
  • Non-Joint Upper Extremity
  • Abdomen (Liver, MRCP, Kidneys, etc)
  • MRA Renal Arteries
  • Aorta, Illiac
  • Pelvis, Hips
  • Any associated Soft Tissue exam
  • Right/Left Knee, Ankle, Foot
  • Non-Joint Lower Extremity


Studies are sent to our teleradiology server for secure and prompt viewing from any location. Medical Imaging Group can provide radiology reading services as well. Our board certified radiologists can work with other radiologists. We are committed to being flexible and will customize our MRI service to meet your needs.